Field Spaniel: Facts You Must Know Before Adopting Field Spanies

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Breed Description

The Field Spaniel is a mid-sized breed that is one of the several spaniels that serves as gun dogs. This breed that exudes style and substance was built for endurance in water and covered ground. This proud-looking elegant breed weighs an average between 39.5-55 pounds, and stands approximately 17.5 inches tall.


Field Spaniel dogs have glossy and thin coat that may be freckled or plain tan with white dots. They are very weather resistant and therefore like cooler climates than warm ones. Most commonly seen coat color is black, but some may be golden liver, plain liver and mahogany red.


The Field Spaniel is a working dog that requires a lot of exercise. This breed is well-suited for an active sporty family, and will be at their happiest to be given an opportunity to run and travel around. Owners should keep in mind that this breed is a scent dog, though. They require long walks daily on a leash.


The Field Spaniel is an amiable dog that is capable of adapting to almost any lifestyle. As they may live peacefully with other cats and dogs, their hunting instinct might make them difficult to be around with mice, rats, rabbits, and the like. They can be difficult around birds, too, but could be corrected if socialized as puppies. This family dog is highly affectionate to all family members, but is generally wary of strangers, which makes them an excellent watch dog.


The Field Spaniel is a mid-sized spaniel that originated in England. One of the youngest amongst the spaniels, this breed is a cross between the Cocker Spaniel and other larger spaniels.


The Field Spaniel requires some grooming in order to keep their neat appearance and avoid ear infections. The fur on their face, head, ears, throat and feet should be trimmed. The hair on spaniel's ears should be kept short since long fur prevents air from circulating the ear canal which causes moisture that may result to infection.


The Field Spaniel is generally independent, but learns quickly. They can generally be involved in games due to their gentle nature. They are easy to deal with as they are friendly, intelligent, and are relatively open to learning new activities and skills.

Each of these puppies should be trained differently, as this is of high importance for the youngest of the Field Spaniels. They can naturally be attached to just one person, and assisting them to get closer with other family members is important in training this breed. They learn tricks and skills easily, especially if given the opportunity to roam around and exercise.


The Field Spaniel is an active and intelligent little dog that may be stubborn at times. They do great with children, and love to be indoors just as much as outdoors. They are ideal with families that have an active country dwelling, although it has been known to be a one-man-dog.
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Field Spaniel: Facts You Must Know Before Adopting Field Spanies

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This article was published on 2010/12/24